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I’m Candy Cruz Datu, a Christian and a teacher, a writer and a photographer, an activist and a cat lover. I rescue cats to the best of my ability. All life matters. I love God. I love my country. I love my family. I love my cats. They’ve taught me much about many things and it’s fair to say I’ve been clowdered.

Life isn’t a breeze but it could be worse. Cham Clowder is my therapy. I will speak my mind¬†here, but there will be no personal hype and other forms of self-levitation, which I detest.

Inside Cham Clowder

Cham Clowder is a compilation of articles touching on various subjects. The main navigation is based on categories of articles that can be found inside.

The Corner Table

The Corner Table is a category of short articles with a Christian perspective.


A picture paints a thousand words. In this section, you can find images that amaze, or inspire reflection.

Words and images © Candy Cruz Datu unless otherwise stated. Please secure permission before reproducing, copying, or in any way sharing all or part of the articles and images published in Cham Clowder.

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