*I originally posted this on Facebook in response to a request.  I was asked to define Quo Warranto and explain its implications in the simplest possible terms. This was my reply. It has since been shared 4,786 times and has received over 3,000 comments and reactions. I suppose it struck a chord. I’m posting it

Be the guy in white.

I STUMBLED ON THIS VIDEO in one of the Facebook groups. It originated from a pro-Duterte, pro-BBM fake news website. The video itself is authentic (it isn’t staged), but it has no backstory. Watch it and draw your own conclusions. The violence is distressing. In fact, it’s traumatizing. But there’s laughter in the background, and

New World Order

HE WAS JOKING. But you know what jokes are in this regime – they’re depravity clothed in chuckles. Panty Alvarez was having a ball. It was his 60th birthday and boy, was he the life of the party. And what a party! The president had come to fête him, as had a thousand other VVIPs.


IT’S BEEN ON his mind since the campaign, and he clearly means to do it. On October 13, a peeved Rodrigo Duterte again threatened to declare a revolutionary government, this time to deal with “destabilizers” once and for all. On his Facebook wall, former solicitor general Florin Hilbay cited the legal definition of a revolutionary government, then qualified it with this caution: “In the

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The Way of the Fool

THE BIBLICAL BOOK OF PROVERBS says there are only two paths before us: the way of the wise and the way of the fool. The way of the wise takes the enlightened path of God, while the way of the fool slogs through the murk of prideful choices. There is no middle ground. “The fear of the Lord


I WAS RECENTLY occupied with gathering donations for the AFP’s #OGOPMarawi project. My meager ambition was to send a small gift to our troops and bakwit schoolkids, but I soon saw that this was a serious underestimation. The response to my appeal was astounding. In the end, we needed a small truck to deliver the goods, which included

Not Exempt

If the executive and the government peace panel will not attend to these matters now causing much social anxiety, it is up to us poor Juans to sound the tocsin and keep it ringing. This is an issue that must be followed vigilantly, lest we lose any of our constitutional guarantees and privileges (not to mention our territory) by default.