I’VE GOT TO hand it to Gary Alejano and the Magdalo group. They’ve got a lot of chutzpah. Finally, someone had the guts to call out Rodrigo Duterte and do it in a way that satisfies. Despite the contempt spewed upon it by the president’s (yes-)men, this complaint is a legitimate Constitutional move that can’t


I GOT SOME interesting reactions to last week’s Fatal Attrition. You talk about traffic and you hit a raw nerve… which is why I seriously doubt that the INC leaders will draw the understanding of the public when their saber-rattling is done. All they will get is the ire of a tired metropolis for further

Fatal Attrition

I ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR “deep apologies,” Secretary Abaya, and grant that you are “profoundly sorry” for your unfortunate “off the cuff” remarks last Monday. But I still don’t think you get it. If you truly believe that the traffic due to the LRT 2 Masinag Extension is  “not fatal” nor “burdensome,” I invite you to move

Boy with a horse shoe by Roma Valles


THE LTO TOLD US when we registered our car in February that we should pick up our new plates on May 26. That’s a 45-day wait for replacements we didn’t need and didn’t want. We had to shell out P450 for them anyway, plus another P50, supposedly for the sticker. What sticker? We don’t know,