WHAT HAS HAPPENED to us? I hardly recognize the people we have become. Who are these spiteful, malicious netizens who sputter invective with every keypunch and whose contempt is now creeping into the real world? Who are these lovers of falsehood and obfuscation, these haters of objectivity and rational discussion — who are they? Are they the new breed

Speak Up

MORE THAN President Duterte’s pungent pronouncements against the West recently, what concerned me was the new spate of user-generated fakery that filled Facebook (and I presume, other social media) to mark the administration’s first 100 days. There is a continuing effort to sell netizens a version of reality that is at best enhanced and at worst completely


I GOT SOME interesting reactions to last week’s Fatal Attrition. You talk about traffic and you hit a raw nerve… which is why I seriously doubt that the INC leaders will draw the understanding of the public when their saber-rattling is done. All they will get is the ire of a tired metropolis for further

I can’t get past Level 167 and I feel insecure. – What?!

I like Facebook, but I don’t like what it’s becoming and I don’t like how it sometimes makes me feel. I appreciate how it allows me to keep up with friends near and far but not when I see some of those friends put on airs and facades and profile pics designed specifically for the news feed. Which, if we’re honest, happens all the time.