Her detention on trumped-up drug charges without bail rests entirely on the false testimonies of convicted criminals now codddled by the State.

The Clowder Recommends

Separate Opinion: Justice Isagani A. Cruz's column which appeared in the Philippine Daily Inquirer from 1995 to 2010.

Global Voices: An article by Cham Clowder on the Valenzuela fire was cited as a resource.
Votenet Philippines: Cham Clowder articles appear in this voter education website.

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The Corner Table

The Corner Table is a category of short articloes witha Christian perspective.

Today's excerpt:

If we have received the gift of salvation from Christ, we can never endorse death.

If we know Christ as our Master and Lord, we will always proclaim life.

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A picture paints a thousand words. In this section, you can find images that amaze or inspire reflection.

Today's image is called "Candle droppings, Agoo Cathedral."

Photograph by Candy Cruz Datu.

Private collection.

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On Being Clowdered

My thirties came and went and I hit 40 surprised by the joy of emancipation. I didn’t realize I would welcome it so. The angst of the past decade was gone. Older now, I was no longer constantly asked whether I was pregnant or if we were trying, or if we just didn’t know how to make a baby. I no longer had to suffer the crude jokes and awful comparisons with fertile contemporaries. I relished the freedom of having my own time while my friends were caught up in PTA meetings and sports meets. But my unrequited dream lingered like a spectre and a long-beheld grief. Empty womb, empty arms; subtle, spiking sorrow.