Her detention on trumped-up drug charges without bail rests entirely on the false testimonies of convicted criminals now codddled by the State.

The Clowder Recommends

Separate Opinion: Justice Isagani A. Cruz's column which appeared in the Philippine Daily Inquirer from 1995 to 2010.

Global Voices: An article by Cham Clowder on the Valenzuela fire was cited as a resource.
Votenet Philippines: Cham Clowder articles appear in this voter education website.

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The Corner Table

The Corner Table is a category of short articloes witha Christian perspective.

Today's excerpt:

If we have received the gift of salvation from Christ, we can never endorse death.

If we know Christ as our Master and Lord, we will always proclaim life.

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A picture paints a thousand words. In this section, you can find images that amaze or inspire reflection.

Today's image is called "Candle droppings, Agoo Cathedral."

Photograph by Candy Cruz Datu.

Private collection.

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‘YoKo Na!

I BEGAN WARNING against Rodrigo Duterte in 2015, when Cham Clowder was a wee voice in the blogosphere, infinitesimal even next to “very minor” PAB, who came on the scene later. In Short Memories (June 12, 2015), I wrote: Also a matter of concern is the rising popularity of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as a possible future tenant


I MET HER for the first time on March 22, 2013, the day after my father died. She had come to pay her respects, and she did so without the fanfare that usually drapes celebrities. She sat in front and immediately engaged my mom and brother in conversation. I remember that she was dressed simply

Be the guy in white.

I STUMBLED ON THIS VIDEO in one of the Facebook groups. It originated from a pro-Duterte, pro-BBM fake news website. The video itself is authentic (it isn’t staged), but it has no backstory. Watch it and draw your own conclusions. The violence is distressing. In fact, it’s traumatizing. But there’s laughter in the background, and

New World Order

HE WAS JOKING. But you know what jokes are in this regime – they’re depravity clothed in chuckles. Panty Alvarez was having a ball. It was his 60th birthday and boy, was he the life of the party. And what a party! The president had come to fête him, as had a thousand other VVIPs.

Panty’s Party

WHAT A BASH. On Friday, January 12, the spacious atrium of the New Tagum City Hall was filled with the political A-list. Led by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, cabinet and legislative officials, the Russian and Chinese ambassadors, key business figures, Boy Abunda, and members of the local alta sociedad came to greet Speaker Panty Alvarez a hearty


I FIRST MET Leila when I was in high school. She was one of my Dad’s students in the San Beda College of Law and I occasionally proctored her class. Daddy’s students then knew him as Dean Isagani A. Cruz – constitutionalist, political law expert, lawbook author, tough mentor – “terror.” To excel in his

Silence is NOT an Option

  ANOTHER PERSON WAS killed Monday night – a priest, 72 year-old Fr. Tito Paez, whose only fault, it seems, was to take up the cudgels for the marginalized. Authorities have been insisting that crime is down and the country is so safe now that it’s all right to take evening strolls. Well, the night wasn’t safe for