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The Declaration of the Revolutionary Government (photo: on Twitter)

THE PHILIPPINE STAR’S early report did not say who distributed the “Declaration of the Revolutionary Government” at the April 2 Palit Bise indignation rally. it only cautiously stated that these folks were “likely not [the] Duterte supporters” who called for the protest action. It did not reveal its basis for that conclusion.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer’s later item, however, stated that it was the rally’s  “[o]rganizing parties” who “…sent around their staff asking for signatures for a ‘declaration’…”

At any rate, the Star said that “some Duterte supporters” signed the petition (shown at left), which was passed around by “some Duterte supporters” at the rally. It doesn’t appear that there is huge support for this execrable call right now, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be in the near future. I believe this foray was a merely a feeler.

The framers of this “declaration” wish to replace the 1987 Constitution with the 1973 Constitution while the “revolutionary government” is being set in place. Once established, the Constitution would presumably be amended to allow for the imposition of a federal system. The declaration sees Duterte enjoying revolutionary powers for two years while this transition takes place.

It states:

“Ang deklarasyon na ito ay isang pagkilala, na ang kasulukuyang sistema ng gobyerno at sinusunod na Saligang Batas ay walang saysay at bisa sa pagpapalaganap ng isang tunay na pagbabago sa ating bansa. Ito ay mga hadlang sa pagbibigay ng lunas sa ating mga problema. Ito ay mga ginagamit nang naghaharing uri para sa kanilang pansariling kapakanan kahit ito ay kasiraan ng Sambayanang Pilipino. Dahil sa kanilang ganid, hindi na nila alam ang tunay na katuwiran.” 

In overwrought, polarizing rhetoric, the “declaration” presents the debunking of the present “worthless, ineffective” system as the only viable means of change. It seeks to obliterate all constitutional checks and balances to Rodrigo Duterte so he can bulldoze the “beastly, rapacious oligarchy” and be free to deliver the country to freedom and progress. At least that’s how they put it.

As of this writing, Duterte has not commented on this declaration. In fact, he has made a big show of distancing himself from the Palit Bise rally. “No [I don’t support it]. I am not anymore a politician. Why should I waste time about politics? I am no longer eligible for any public office after this. I do not hunger for popularity anymore, everything is in my destiny, The Manila Bulletin reported him as saying.

A year and a half ago, however, Duterte was not so coy. “If I am the President, [and] I cannot achieve the reforms I want within six months or one year, I will declare a revolutionary government,” he said at one of the stops of his Federalism Roadshow.

In a report published by the Inquirer on June 7, 2015, half a year before he officially declared his candidacy, Duterte said,

“If God makes me the President, God will [be] the first one to cry.” The crowd responded with wild applause.

The report continued,

Under his planned revolutionary government, Duterte said he would close down all government agencies, even Congress, and use their budget allocations for the salaries of the police and military.

Duterte dared those who would oppose his planned dictatorial rule under the revolutionary government to kill him. “I’m ready to go anytime,” he said. “I will not, I repeat, I will not sit there as President only to become a ‘kenkoy’ for an eventful term. I don’t need that.”

“Whatever I said I’d do, I’d act on it. I mean what I say.” 

“Even if they kill me, it’s OK. We will be together in hell,” he said to the delight of the crowd.

(Read the full story here.)


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He said it then, it’s happening now. Do the math.

To the observant, it’s clear that Duterte and his allies have been dosing their followers with a deadly narcotic that seems to have disabled critical thinking and increased their idolatrous tendencies. It’s obvious that the #PartnersforChange are executing a well-laid furtive plan that Duterte has allowed to slip at times, but for the most part has kept under wraps. It’s not a very sophisticated plan, but then they’re not dealing with a sophisticated crowd. It will work. What we see now is its unfolding.

We who have not eaten their mushrooms can oppose it.

They intend to coopt the people power mechanism by which we unseated a despot, this time to install one. Finding no way around the constitutional safeguards against martial law, they seek to demolish the charter and restore its weaker version that presented no barriers to dictatorship. The abolition of the barangay elections is a step toward that end. The resolution adopting federalism recently distributed to barangay officials who were “asked” to sign it is another nail in the coffin of liberty. The “Palit Bise” move, as we who are sober know, is a blatant attempt to deliver the vice presidency to Bongbong Marcos. And now, this “declaration.”

Unable to justify their contumacy, they defile our enshrined freedoms. They profane democracy and vilify the voices raised against its desecration. They call lies truth and truth lies; they exalt what is base; they excuse what is vile.

There comes a time when all good people must combat obnoxious falsehood to defend noble truth. The Constitution is in their sights. We must create a phalanx and secure it. We have always had the passion and the courage. Now we have the cause and the call. Let us rise. Name the place and we shall go there. It is time.

For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all. – Luke 8:17

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