Por Vida!

WHAT A WEEK. Rodrigo Duterte’s tailspin has not been arrested, in fact it has intensified. After Sonny Trillanes’s privilege speech last Tuesday, Duterte spat out venom against him, the Ombudsman, and the Chief Justice every chance he could.  Speaking at sewer level (as usual), Duterte revealed such juicy tidbits as the alleged state of Trillanes’s genitalia and

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The Way of the Fool

THE BIBLICAL BOOK OF PROVERBS says there are only two paths before us: the way of the wise and the way of the fool. The way of the wise takes the enlightened path of God, while the way of the fool slogs through the murk of prideful choices. There is no middle ground. “The fear of the Lord

“They have forgotten about him.”

“THEY HAVE FORGOTTEN about him,” says Luzviminda Siapo. She was talking about her 19-year old son, Raymart, who was abducted and murdered on March 29, 2017 by 14 hooded and masked men. The boy was disabled. He had club feet, but witnesses say that his killers ordered him to run. Confused and afraid, Raymart merely

Justice for All

WE KNOW KIAN. His story has assailed us since that bloody Wednesday night when he died. We narrate every stage of his final moments like folks at a wake, telling and retelling how he left the world. It helps ease the ache. He has become close, like our own children. That’s the rub. They could


IT SEEMS TO ME that the trouble began with shortcuts. With both the Parojinogs and the Bureau of Customs, things might have turned out differently had everyone respected the rule of law. ENABLED There’s no question about the Parojinogs’ shady past. Their deep connection with the notorious Kuratong Baleleng is well-documented, belying claims that their criminal heritage is rumor or “gawa-gawa lang ng


Broadcast of Herbert Morrison’s eyewitness account of the Hindenburg catastrophe. “OH, THE HUMANITY!” wailed WLS Chicago broadcaster Herbert Morrison as he watched the Hindenburg explode in flames on May 6, 1937. “…[T]his is the worst of the worst catastrophes in the world…,” Morrison sobbed amid screams and the clangor of crumpling metal. “Listen, folks;” he stammered, “I…


“Sidewalk Bistros,”Slice of Life by Larry Alcala (image: Google media). Can”t find Larry? Scroll to the bottom.  BACK IN THE DAY, Larry Alcala’s Slice of Life cartoon in Weekend Magazine was the highlight of our week. “Where’s Larry?” was the question; finding him was the goal. It wasn’t easy. Alcala’s icon was a caricature of his face and