Where are the 18 crates?

THIS WILL BE SHORT. I’ve only got some advice to share: No matter how annoying Harry Roque is, don’t let him distract you. A lot of what he says has the power to raise your blood pressure, but not much else. It’s largely opinion, mostly his own, and it’s actually irrelevant. As the presidential spokesman, his job is

Where is Tita Nanie?

I HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN.  Despite all the distractions since the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee ended its hearings on the P6.4 billion shabu haul, I still want to know who Tita Nanie is. More than that, I want to know where she’s been hiding. As to her identity, two possibilities were ruled out by the BRC on August 22. But at the sensational September

Justice for All

WE KNOW KIAN. His story has assailed us since that bloody Wednesday night when he died. We narrate every stage of his final moments like folks at a wake, telling and retelling how he left the world. It helps ease the ache. He has become close, like our own children. That’s the rub. They could

Oh C’mon

THREE THINGS ARE choking me up these days: the Bautista teleserye, the Customs fiasco, and the lamentable flaccidity of Alan Peter Cayetano. MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE  I don’t give a hoot about the lurid details of the Tish-Andy controversy. A lot goes on in a marriage that can’t be or shouldn’t have to be explained


IT SEEMS TO ME that the trouble began with shortcuts. With both the Parojinogs and the Bureau of Customs, things might have turned out differently had everyone respected the rule of law. ENABLED There’s no question about the Parojinogs’ shady past. Their deep connection with the notorious Kuratong Baleleng is well-documented, belying claims that their criminal heritage is rumor or “gawa-gawa lang ng

Trashing the Country

IT WAS DISMAYING to hear in the news today that customs chief Alberto Lina had dumped 55 container vans of Canadian garbage in a Capas landfill. At our expense. “We have no more problem. The issue is over. Case closed,” the Inquirer reported Lina as saying. With 48 additional containers of Canadian trash awaiting repatriation,