New World Order

HE WAS JOKING. But you know what jokes are in this regime – they’re depravity clothed in chuckles. Panty Alvarez was having a ball. It was his 60th birthday and boy, was he the life of the party. And what a party! The president had come to fête him, as had a thousand other VVIPs.


I’M TRYING MY best, really I am, to give him the benefit of the doubt. I’m attempting fairness, you see. Perhaps Dutertenomics will work and jobs will be created. Perhaps his two-pronged China policy will disarm that bully and maybe, one day, he’ll lay claim to the Spratlys. His plan to build a subway might even be viable despite the west valley

Standing our Ground (or How we Deal with Bullies)

IT WAS A relief to hear that the DFA is filing a diplomatic protest against Canada over the 103 containers of trash sent here since 2013. This is the reaction I expected at the onset, but I won’t fuss over its delay as long as the matter will be pressed from now on. Also heartening