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The Way of the Fool

THE BIBLICAL BOOK OF PROVERBS says there are only two paths before us: the way of the wise and the way of the fool. The way of the wise takes the enlightened path of God, while the way of the fool slogs through the murk of prideful choices. There is no middle ground. “The fear of the Lord


“Sidewalk Bistros,”Slice of Life by Larry Alcala (image: Google media). Can”t find Larry? Scroll to the bottom.  BACK IN THE DAY, Larry Alcala’s Slice of Life cartoon in Weekend Magazine was the highlight of our week. “Where’s Larry?” was the question; finding him was the goal. It wasn’t easy. Alcala’s icon was a caricature of his face and


I’M NOT A LAWYER, but I recently made it my business to read the pertinent portions of two laws on public officers. They’re not hard to grasp. In view of the irresponsibility and hubris displayed by Aguirre, Alvarez,  & Co., I felt it necessary to brush up on these statutes. ELIGIBILITY I was interested in only a