Alive and Mighty

Easter marks the Lord Jesus Christ’s triumph over the tomb. Death no longer stings because of resurrection day. There is no longer any need for us to perform ineffectual sacrifices that cannot atone for our sins. The sacrifice has been made; He has conquered sin, He has vanquished death. “It is finished,” said our Lord. He is alive and mighty and will one day return, our victorious King.

A Whiff of Hope

… the Philippines’ two treasures are its music and its faith; and though we have a multitude of voices, we harmonize on those. In the mass today, both filled the Manila Cathedral and overflowed to the grounds beyond, binding the clergy within and the laity without in the unifying, healing Spirit of Christ.

Celebrating Life

… the only real respect we could pay was to keep an honorable distance. We would not redirect attention to ourselves by saying “we were almost among them.” That would’ve been selfish and crass. After six weeks in Japan, we had learned enough of Bushido to bestow upon them the camaraderie of silence.