Where are the 18 crates?

THIS WILL BE SHORT. I’ve only got some advice to share: No matter how annoying Harry Roque is, don’t let him distract you. A lot of what he says has the power to raise your blood pressure, but not much else. It’s largely opinion, mostly his own, and it’s actually irrelevant. As the presidential spokesman, his job is


AND SO THE REFRAIN these days is that the CHR has completely failed because it protects criminals but not their victims. It’s so ubiquitous, I’ve got LSS. It’s sung by government officers from the chief executive to the clerks; but it’s loudest in the House of Representatives where 119 members voted last week to grant the


WHY IS Rodrigo Duterte paralyzing the Commission on Human Rights? Why has he banned the PNP from sharing vital data with CHR investigators? Why is the House majority bent on depriving it of a budget? CONSTITUTIONAL CREATION The 1987 Constitution created the CHR to prevent the recurrence of government abuses rampant in the Marcos dictatorship. It is both a cure and a preventative.


I GAVE UP writing about the BBL, if anyone noticed, when the House and the Senate began debating it in their respective committees. I didn’t want to preempt Congress, and it seemed a waste of energy to speculate, especially in this heat. Perhaps I suffered from a “wanton excess of optimism,” but having been fed


The most invidious of all the inconsistencies, however, is the allegation that those who oppose the BBL oppose peace. It is a subtle and malicious assertion that does not satisfy even basic logic. I desire peace in this land, yet I am convinced that the BBL as it stands is not an instrument of harmony but of further division. Unless it is rewritten to encompass all affected groups in the region; unless the plural identities that exist there and not just the Bangsamoro are equitably delineated, upheld, and protected; unless there is a firm expression of fealty and union with the Republic of the Philippines; unless all questions of conformity with the Philippine Constitution are satisfied, I will continue to question the BBL in the name of peace.