Boy with a horse shoe by Roma Valles


THE LTO TOLD US when we registered our car in February that we should pick up our new plates on May 26. That’s a 45-day wait for replacements we didn’t need and didn’t want. We had to shell out P450 for them anyway, plus another P50, supposedly for the sticker. What sticker? We don’t know,


What I am calling for is accountability from the second highest official of this country and the bravery, the decency, and ultimately the patriotism, to own up to his actions. What I am hoping for is that not only the educated and well-entrenched in society might have the will to clamor for the same, but also the masses who identify with him. As a nation we can stand up against these anomalies, if we want to. I concur with Pope Francis on this: it is because we have suffered the ravages of corruption that we are capable of rising against it.