No Surprise

BY A VOTE of 261-18, the two Houses of Congress yesterday voted to extend the imposition of martial law over the entire island of Mindanao until December 31, 2017. I waded through most of the coverage, waiting to be persuaded that the extension was crucial. I wasn’t. WHY CONTINUE? I’m convinced that the persisting Maute-ISIS threat needs


Broadcast of Herbert Morrison’s eyewitness account of the Hindenburg catastrophe. “OH, THE HUMANITY!” wailed WLS Chicago broadcaster Herbert Morrison as he watched the Hindenburg explode in flames on May 6, 1937. “…[T]his is the worst of the worst catastrophes in the world…,” Morrison sobbed amid screams and the clangor of crumpling metal. “Listen, folks;” he stammered, “I…


I’VE HEARD THE arguments and I agree, it’s an option. But I don’t feel it’s the best one, or that it’s even warranted now. Martial law will spark rancor perhaps until my generation dies out. We were the “martial law babies” raised in the Marcos dictatorship, whose vistas and opportunities were constricted from the moment we could walk. We were the