No Surprise

BY A VOTE of 261-18, the two Houses of Congress yesterday voted to extend the imposition of martial law over the entire island of Mindanao until December 31, 2017. I waded through most of the coverage, waiting to be persuaded that the extension was crucial. I wasn’t. WHY CONTINUE? I’m convinced that the persisting Maute-ISIS threat needs


I’VE HEARD THE arguments and I agree, it’s an option. But I don’t feel it’s the best one, or that it’s even warranted now. Martial law will spark rancor perhaps until my generation dies out. We were the “martial law babies” raised in the Marcos dictatorship, whose vistas and opportunities were constricted from the moment we could walk. We were the

Revolutionary Government?

THE PHILIPPINE STAR’S early report did not say who distributed the “Declaration of the Revolutionary Government” at the April 2 Palit Bise indignation rally. it only cautiously stated that these folks were “likely not [the] Duterte supporters” who called for the protest action. It did not reveal its basis for that conclusion. The Philippine Daily Inquirer’s later item, however, stated that it was the


WE TAKE IT for granted but the barangay, as the smallest unit of local government, is really where we “individual particles of sovereignty” can make a difference in this democracy. Proclamation No. 342, s. 2003 (amended by Proclamation No. 260, s. 2011) mandates the holding of bi-annual barangay assemblies, once on the last Saturday of March, and


I’VE HAD TROUBLE sleeping since November 18 when Marcos was surreptitiously interred, but when I got home after the November 30 protest rally at the People Power Monument, I slept like a baby. Not only because I was tired, having stood and shaken my fist and shouted my throat hoarse from 4 till 10 pm,

End Impunity

MARCOS IS BURIED and there are suddenly scads of forgiving people around me. I’m surprised I never saw them before. They are not only visible now, they are preaching. Imagine that. I post #neveragain #neverforget and the comments come flying in. They tell me to “move on,” to “forgive and forget and be blessed,” that “Christ


IN ADDITION TO the actuality of Marcos’s burial, what grieved me yesterday was the ignorant arrogance that rolled in droves off social media. I avoided my Facebook newsfeed precisely so I wouldn’t see them, but they jumped at me from the live feeds of the metro-wide rallies I was watching. I’m appalled at this social media