‘YoKo Na!

I BEGAN WARNING against Rodrigo Duterte in 2015, when Cham Clowder was a wee voice in the blogosphere, infinitesimal even next to “very minor” PAB, who came on the scene later. In Short Memories (June 12, 2015), I wrote: Also a matter of concern is the rising popularity of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as a possible future tenant

New World Order

HE WAS JOKING. But you know what jokes are in this regime – they’re depravity clothed in chuckles. Panty Alvarez was having a ball. It was his 60th birthday and boy, was he the life of the party. And what a party! The president had come to fête him, as had a thousand other VVIPs.


AND SO THE REFRAIN these days is that the CHR has completely failed because it protects criminals but not their victims. It’s so ubiquitous, I’ve got LSS. It’s sung by government officers from the chief executive to the clerks; but it’s loudest in the House of Representatives where 119 members voted last week to grant the


WHY IS Rodrigo Duterte paralyzing the Commission on Human Rights? Why has he banned the PNP from sharing vital data with CHR investigators? Why is the House majority bent on depriving it of a budget? CONSTITUTIONAL CREATION The 1987 Constitution created the CHR to prevent the recurrence of government abuses rampant in the Marcos dictatorship. It is both a cure and a preventative.


“Sidewalk Bistros,”Slice of Life by Larry Alcala (image: Google media). Can”t find Larry? Scroll to the bottom.  BACK IN THE DAY, Larry Alcala’s Slice of Life cartoon in Weekend Magazine was the highlight of our week. “Where’s Larry?” was the question; finding him was the goal. It wasn’t easy. Alcala’s icon was a caricature of his face and


I’M NOT A LAWYER, but I recently made it my business to read the pertinent portions of two laws on public officers. They’re not hard to grasp. In view of the irresponsibility and hubris displayed by Aguirre, Alvarez,  & Co., I felt it necessary to brush up on these statutes. ELIGIBILITY I was interested in only a


WE TAKE IT for granted but the barangay, as the smallest unit of local government, is really where we “individual particles of sovereignty” can make a difference in this democracy. Proclamation No. 342, s. 2003 (amended by Proclamation No. 260, s. 2011) mandates the holding of bi-annual barangay assemblies, once on the last Saturday of March, and


I’VE GOT TO hand it to Gary Alejano and the Magdalo group. They’ve got a lot of chutzpah. Finally, someone had the guts to call out Rodrigo Duterte and do it in a way that satisfies. Despite the contempt spewed upon it by the president’s (yes-)men, this complaint is a legitimate Constitutional move that can’t