Bowed Heads

I WAS ROUSED this morning by the smell of rain, by the pungent aroma of water seeping into the parched earth. My mind was drawn to what flooded the soil of Inang Bayan not too long ago, and by association of ideas this verse blew me wide awake: “Your brother’s blood cries out to Me


WHY IS Rodrigo Duterte paralyzing the Commission on Human Rights? Why has he banned the PNP from sharing vital data with CHR investigators? Why is the House majority bent on depriving it of a budget? CONSTITUTIONAL CREATION The 1987 Constitution created the CHR to prevent the recurrence of government abuses rampant in the Marcos dictatorship. It is both a cure and a preventative.

Justice for All

WE KNOW KIAN. His story has assailed us since that bloody Wednesday night when he died. We narrate every stage of his final moments like folks at a wake, telling and retelling how he left the world. It helps ease the ache. He has become close, like our own children. That’s the rub. They could


IT SEEMS TO ME that the trouble began with shortcuts. With both the Parojinogs and the Bureau of Customs, things might have turned out differently had everyone respected the rule of law. ENABLED There’s no question about the Parojinogs’ shady past. Their deep connection with the notorious Kuratong Baleleng is well-documented, belying claims that their criminal heritage is rumor or “gawa-gawa lang ng

No Surprise

BY A VOTE of 261-18, the two Houses of Congress yesterday voted to extend the imposition of martial law over the entire island of Mindanao until December 31, 2017. I waded through most of the coverage, waiting to be persuaded that the extension was crucial. I wasn’t. WHY CONTINUE? I’m convinced that the persisting Maute-ISIS threat needs


Broadcast of Herbert Morrison’s eyewitness account of the Hindenburg catastrophe. “OH, THE HUMANITY!” wailed WLS Chicago broadcaster Herbert Morrison as he watched the Hindenburg explode in flames on May 6, 1937. “…[T]his is the worst of the worst catastrophes in the world…,” Morrison sobbed amid screams and the clangor of crumpling metal. “Listen, folks;” he stammered, “I…


I’VE HEARD THE arguments and I agree, it’s an option. But I don’t feel it’s the best one, or that it’s even warranted now. Martial law will spark rancor perhaps until my generation dies out. We were the “martial law babies” raised in the Marcos dictatorship, whose vistas and opportunities were constricted from the moment we could walk. We were the