THE SUPREME COURT seemed to be making up for lost time by releasing two controversial decisions in a single day. The first, ordering the COMELEC to issue printed receipts on election day, has alarmed that agency to a state of near-panic. I once believed that receipts were needed; but after hearing the concerns raised by

Teach Your Children

IT MUST BE wonderful to grow up knowing you have a future. To be able to plan, believing that what you work for you might keep; to envision a sparkling someday and feel entitled to it. That must be nice. I suppose that’s how young folks today feel. Many of them were reared in liberty


PERHAPS THE WEIRDEST thing on the news this week was Rodrigo Duterte’s promise to donate P1,000 to charity each time he threw a cuss word. In a tone of near-humility, Duterte told reporters how he visited the bishops of Davao who reprimanded him for his foul language and deficient values. Duterte said he accepted the


I DIDN’T ALWAYS AGREE with my Father, though he was brilliant. I was steeped in his libertarian thought and I shared his vista, yet we had our subtle differences. He trained all six of us children to think for ourselves and to express our opinions, even if it clashed with his. Table talk in our